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I Ching - The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth

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Titel:I Ching - The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth
Autor:Blofeld John
Preis:Euro 35.00

The Book of Changes, or I Ching as it is mor commonly known, is one of the most ancient philosophical systems available today. Its origin and tradition go back nearly 5000 years to the great sage Fu Shi (on the front cover). It was he who first expressed the fundamental principals of life and universal energy by means of the special energy language of linear hexagrams. It is fascinating and enlightening to learn how these simple lines can represent all the phenomena of the universe and human affairs.
This book is not limited to how to use the hexagrams, but rather it familiarizes the reader with the principles which are the very foundation of the system.
This book is actually three volumes in one. The Natural Truth section introduces the forces and cycles that govern the universe and influence all life; it includes the Yin/Yang theory, the Five Phases of Energy, the Heavenly and Earthly cycles, the Natural Calendar, the Constellations, and much more. The Natural Path contains two treatises by Confucius on how to effectively live in harmony with these cycles. The sixtyfour hexagrams give us insight into specific events and situations to which this vast body of knowledge can be applied.
671 pages, hc.