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Principles & Practice of Phytotherapy

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Titel:Principles & Practice of Phytotherapy
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This is a comprehensive modern textbook of the principles and practice of herbal medicine. The book provides a detailed, practical and research-based approach to the use of herbal treatments in a wide variety of clinical conditions and problems. In particular, this textbook and reference gives: a clear description of the principles and foundations for the practice of phytotherapy; in-depth and detailed profiles of over 45 herbs, reviewing pharmacology, research and traditional use; therapeutics for actual disease states, supported by case histories; coverage of challenging issues such as dosage, safety and drug - herb interactions. Fully referenced throughout, with more than 4000 citations, this textbook is a core resource for students and practitioners of phytotherapy, and will be of value to all healthcare professionals - pharmacists, doctors, nurses - with an interest in herbal therapeutics.
643 pages