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Shang Han Lun Explained

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Titel:Shang Han Lun Explained
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Shang Han Lun was written in approximately 200 AD and remains a seminal text in Chinese medicine literature and is mandatory study in all accredited courses of Chinese medicine today. It analyses the aetiology and pathogenesis of acute upper respiratory tract infections (the common cold, influenza, bronchitis, asthma) and describes the many permutations as well as subsequent complications. It is not just a study of coughs and colds but lays the groundwork for Chinese medical theory and its strategies of treatment. It also explains the consequences of incorrect treatment and discusses how the omission or addition of even one herb to a formula can affect its efficacy. This is the book that makes understanding a complex classic text easy.
Greta Young benefits the reader with her years of expertise in studying and lecturing in the classics and guides us through the myriad clauses elucidating their meaning, citing points of discussion from various sources and illustrating their application with modifications and case studies. Robin Marchment has translated each clause in a way which is faithful to the original Chinese whilst still making the meaning accessible to the English-speaker.
The explanations and discussions use clear English in a free-flowing lecturing style which holds the readers interest. Each chapter or section is introduced with an overview, key points are highlighted and summarised at the end and, in addition, both Ancient Applications and Modern Applications are described. The objective is to make it interesting, readable and of practical clinical significance to todays practitioners.
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