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Zang Fu - The Organ Systems of TCM

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Titel:Zang Fu - The Organ Systems of TCM
Autor:Jeremy Ross
Preis:Euro 67.44

The Zang fu, the organ systems, are the central core of TCM. A thorough understanding of Zang Fu is vital to the successful practice of TCM. This authoritative and instructive text provides that understanding by focusing on genuine TCM as it is taught and practised in the Peoples Republic of China today.
The author has studied and trained in Canton an Nanjing, as well as in the UK. Within this book he has used his long experience in the teaching of both science and alternative medicine to great effect and clarifies areas which have proved ambiguous or difficult for the Western reader.
The book gives a clear, well-organised framework of the theory of Zang Fu. Illustrated with many tables, diagrams and actual case histories it shows how the theoretical principes are applied in clinical practice.
In four parts: Part 1: The Background, Part 2: Zang Fu, Part 3: Interrelationships, Part 4: Clinical Practice
262 pages, hc.