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CD-ROM Tongue diagnosis

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Titel:CD-ROM Tongue diagnosis
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Tongue diagnosis is an essential part of inspection, and one of the essential components of Chinese
medicine diagnostics. This courseware includes abundant clinical data with ample pictures of real- life cases. It explains the tongue diagnostic technique systematically and comprehensively
for students of all levels. The main structure of this courseware includes: A section on basic theory including introduction to tongue diagnosis; inspection of the tongue body, the tongue coating, and other pathological changes of the tongue; synthesized examination of the tongue body and coating, and diagnostic exercises.
Explains the structure of the tongue, methods of tongue inspection, and physiological variation, all from the Chinese medicine perspective.
Studies of ancient literature and records on tongue diagnosis; modern research on tongue diagnosis; and case studies.
Supervised by: Ministry of Health, P. R. China Produced by Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Edited by Suzanne Robidoux, Ph. D. TCM